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Top 10 Best Ice Makers in 2018 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

To refresh your favorite beverages in the summer, you’ll need a functional ice maker. Of course, many are now sold in the current market. Which makes buying a little difficult. To define the product that will suit you best, here is a comparison that will present you the various criteria that you will have to take into account.

List of Top 10 Best Ice Makers in 2018

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Black + Decker Ice Machine

BLACK+DECKER Ice Maker – Portable Countertop Ice Cube Machine for Cold Drinks with Choice of 3 Ice Cube Sizes- Stainless Steel with Black Lid (BIMY126S)

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Gourmia GI500 Electric Ice Maker

Gourmia GI500 Electric Countertop Ice Maker Machine – Compact and Portable – Digital Timer – 3 Cube Sizes – 2.5 Qt Water Tank – 10 Minute Ice – Makes Over 26 lbs a Day – Bonus Scoop – Stainless Steel

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FirstBuild, Nugget Ice Makers

Opal Nugget Ice Maker

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NutriChef Digital Ice Makers

Upgraded NutriChef Portable Digital Ice Maker Machine | Stainless Steel Stain Resistant | Countertop Ice Maker W/Built-In Freezer | Over-Sized Ice Bucket | Ice Machine W/Easy-Touch Buttons – Silver

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NewAir, Countertop Ice Maker

NewAir AI-215R | Portable, Countertop Ice Maker | 50 Lbs | Red

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Igloo ICE103 Ice Maker

Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket, Stainless Steel

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 RCA Compact Ice Maker

Compact Ice Maker, Red

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EdgeStar Ice Machine

EdgeStar IP250SS Large Capacity Portable Countertop Stainless Steel Ice Maker

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 Costway Portable Ice MakerCostway Portable Ice MakerView Products
Homelabs Portable Ice Maker

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Counter Top – Makes 26 lbs of Ice per 24 hours – Ice Cubes ready in 6 Minutes – Electric Ice Making Machine with Ice Scoop and 1.5 lb Ice Storage – Silver

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#10. Black + Decker Ice Machine

Black + Decker Ice Machine

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The Black + Decker Ice Machine is one of the best professional ice maker that will not only decorate your kitchen with a sleek black design, but will also provide unlimited ice cubes. Just turn it on half an hour before the arrival of your guests and he can make ice cubes at will.

The simplicity of operation is ensured by the presence of the LED display while, thanks to the transparent window, you can check the production status of the cubes, which will be ready, depending on the size, between 7 and 13 minutes.

The ice container can be removed in a practical way, so that it can be rinsed under running water, while the device does not provide the possibility of keeping the ice for a prolonged period of time after its production.

Of all the models we have compared, the Black + Decker Ice Machine is the most economical model, able to meet the needs of those looking for a machine that represents a good compromise between quality, production and spending.

At this point, we have chosen to insert an essential and practical model in operation, in addition to the advantage of a cheaper price to meet all budgets.

     Pros     Cons
  • Capacity: The excellent capacity, equal to 3 liters, allows the production of a good quantity of ice, especially for large families or in case of guests.
  • Hygiene: Very interesting is the choice to use, inside the machine, a removable ice container, to make cleaning simple and efficient.
  • Price: The cost significantly lower than the other models, while maintaining a good quality, makes comfort accessible to all.
  • Ineffective: The ice cubes that come out are not very good quality.

#9. Gourmia GI500 Electric Ice Maker

Gourmia GI500 Electric Ice Maker

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For those of you who are interested in a professional product, our advice is to evaluate the best-selling ice machine among those produced by Gourmia. This model, with an original design that revolves around the front drawer and display, is able to produce up to 15 kg of ice per day, with times of around 12 minutes to obtain the first dose of cubes.

Just the touchscreen is one of its hallmarks: allows you to view features, time and set the timer (up to 24 hours) so you have the ice ready when you need it. The aforementioned drawer allows easy access to the product, using the pallet included in the package. An acoustic signal alerts you when the machine has completed the operation or if the water tank is empty.

Compared to the other models that precede it in our ranking of the best ice machines of 2018, the Gourmia GI500 Electric Ice Maker has a smaller size, a smaller tank (1.8 liters) and is better suited to environments not too large.

Thanks to an intelligent display and the exclusive equipment of a timer, the new model of the Gourmia GI500 Electric Ice Maker stands out among the opinions of users who bought an ice machine, despite the price not among the lowest.

     Pros     Cons
  • Design: The attractive design, which combines metallic gray with black covering material, is combined with the interesting choice of the drawer opening to extract the ice once it is ready.
  • Display: The machine is equipped with an intelligent display with numerous functions, including the use of an acoustic signal to warn you when the ice is ready or to remember to add water.
  • Timer: The most interesting function is undoubtedly the presence of a timer, with which you can set the time in which to start the production of ice, so you can find it immediately available when you need it.
  • Capacity: Although it is able to produce a daily quantity of ice comparable to other similar models, this ice machine has a limited capacity, which some users have deemed insufficient.

#8. FirstBuild, Nugget Ice Makers

FirstBuild, Nugget Ice MakersView Product On Amazon

Among the best ice machines sold online a place of honor deserves the FirstBuild, Nugget Ice Makers, capable of producing up to 15 kg of cubes over 24 hours, with three different sizes: small, medium and large. Depending on the size, it is necessary to wait for a different amount of time, but in general it takes about ten minutes to have ice.

This model is characterized by a rather squared design, more functional than aesthetically attractive, and has an important footprint but not such as to affect its placement in any type of environment. It is also equipped with a lateral valve to simplify the discharge from the unused water container.

As for the other professional models, this ice machine has a fairly high price list, which could scare some of you. But the service rendered by this machine invites you to be wary of attractive offers on cheaper but less durable products.

To help you in your research on where to buy an ice machine we can not neglect this efficient and versatile model, even if more bulky in size compared to other similar products.

     Pros     Cons
  • Versatility: A great advantage is the ability to produce ice in three different formats, to give an even more professional look to your excellent cocktails.
  • Speed: Conscious of the fact that the sudden arrival of unexpected guests or thirst after a walk in the summer heat require the immediate availability of ice, the machine is able to produce in less than 10 minutes.
  • Exhaust: The presence of a side valve allows to easily drain the residual water from the tank.
  • Dimensions: As already mentioned, this ice machine can be cumbersome in particularly small environments.

#7. NutriChef Digital Ice Makers

NutriChef Digital Ice Makers

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If you are wondering which ice machine to buy and your main need, besides of course the production of the cubes, is to have an easily transportable product, we recommend the NutriChef Digital Ice Makers. Its dimensions are in fact extremely contained but this choice does not go to penalize the quantity of production, since it has a 2.4 liter tank and is able to “churn out” up to 12 kg of ice a day.

Made with a modern design and with glossy black body, the NutriChef Digital Ice Makers adapts to different types of environment, from the lounge to the boat, and allows you to wait only between 6 and 10 minutes from the time of lighting to when you have available ice.

It’s a pity that there has not been a system of emptying the water, a choice that forces the machine to lift out the remaining liquid and prevents NutriChef Digital Ice Makers from being in first place in our ranking of the best professional ice machines.

Elegant in design and very capacious, the model of the NutriChef Digital Ice Makers brand is especially appreciated for its lightness and the speed with which it manages to prepare ice cubes for your favorite drinks.

     Pros     Cons
  • Lightness: Designed to be transported frequently, this product has been realized optimizing the capacity, while maintaining reduced dimensions and weight.
  • Speed: Unlike other models with similar volume, the machine is able to produce ice from the entire tank in less than 10 minutes; just the time to take out the glasses!
  • Design: The sinuous shapes and the glossy black color make this object a discreet and elegant element to be inserted in any environment, from the kitchen along with the other instruments to the salon table.
  • Exhaust: To make it easier to transport, it is designed its ice machine without a drainage point for the residual water, forcing you to manually empty it.

#6. NewAir, Countertop Ice Maker

NewAir, Countertop Ice Maker

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If your need is always to have some ice cubes available, the best machine of this type is the NewAir, Countertop Ice Maker, both for the ease of use and the ability to produce up to 15 kilograms of ice per day. The structure is in stainless steel and the dimensions are all in all compact, while hosting a container of more than 3 liters in which to pour the water to be frozen.

To obtain the cubes, which can be produced in three different shapes and sizes, a maximum of 15 minutes is required, thanks to the short cycle. The preparation can be followed in real time thanks to the transparent window on the lid while the indicator provides information on the status of the container, on the need to clean or add water. With the timer, then, you can schedule the preparation and have the ice ready just before the party begins.

One of the products we have selected for our guide to choose the best ice machines on the market is a favorite among users for the excellent quality of its materials and the comfortable LED display, while maintaining overall dimensions contained.

     Pros     Cons
  • Materials: To offer a robust and hygienic model, without the risk of transferring the smell of plastic to ice, NewAir, Countertop Ice Maker chose stainless steel as a construction material.
  • Versatility: To meet even the most demanding users, the machine is able to produce ice in three different forms, to adapt to all types of glasses and drinks.
  • Computerization: The LED display, which this product is equipped with, allows you to follow every step of the production of ice, as well as promptly inform the need to clean the inside of the machine or add water.
  • Price: The multiple functions offered and the excellent material that constitutes it place it in a high price range, which not all users are willing to pay.
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#5. Igloo ICE103 Ice Maker

Igloo ICE103 Ice Maker

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If you need a good product but your goal is, above all, to save money take a look at this model which, by comparing it with many other similar ones, stands out for the most accessible cost.

The services offered are, however, of a good level because the tank is large and allows you to produce 12 kg of ice in a day, more than enough for the normal needs of a family. It is possible to produce ice lollies of two sizes and the time required for their manufacture is very short, 6-10 minutes, ideal for not letting the guests wait too long.

Available in different colors to match it best with your kitchen, it has rather compact dimensions that allow you to occupy a small footprint. It is easy to use because the keys are few and intuitive but, as often happens, there are no instructions in Italian.

Our review continues with a list regarding the advantages and disadvantages of this device. If you want to buy it at low prices, click on the link that follows our description.

     Pros     Cons
  • Price: If you are looking for the cheapest product, this ice machine could be for you. The cost is competitive and its essential but functional features make it very attractive.
  • Speed: Ice production takes place within 10 minutes, so you can not wait too long for any guests. In 24 hours the machine produces up to a maximum of 12 kg of cubes.
  • Design: Available in different colors to give a lively touch to the environment, it is characterized by a compact design that makes it easy to place on any kitchen shelf.
  • Essential: The fact that it is a product without frills may not be a flaw, but in this case we say that the essential functions do not make it attractive to those who love technology.

#4. RCA Compact Ice Maker

 RCA Compact Ice Maker

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The many advantages offered by the RCA Compact Ice Maker make it one of the best-selling models online. It has all the credentials to meet the needs of a normal family and, in some cases, even premises used for catering.

Like the best models, it produces popsicles of three different sizes which, therefore, can be used for all types of drinks or other preparations. The smaller ones are produced after only 10 minutes and, therefore, you do not have to wait long to please the guests, the others after 15 minutes. The process can be controlled at any time from above thanks to the transparent cover.

To select the desired size, just press the relevant button on the front panel: here is also the indicator that indicates the absence of water and the ice collection compartment full; in this way it is possible to manage the machine as efficiently as it is simple.

Let’s now summarize the main features of our new model, for which we have prepared a list of the most important strengths and weaknesses.

     Pros     Cons
  • Production: The appliance is able to produce enough ice for a large family or to meet the needs of a small bar.
  • Versatile: You can choose the size of the cubes by pressing a button on the display, waiting for the machine to perform the job automatically.
  • Easy to use: The provision of an indicator that indicates the amount of water and an ice-collection container make the use simple and practical.
  • Essential: The machine is not equipped with special features, so if you are looking for a more technological model it is probably not the alternative you are looking for.

#3. EdgeStar Ice Machine

EdgeStar Ice Machine

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EdgeStar Ice Machine is one of the best ice machines and is also one of the best-selling models. The reasons are related to the benefits it offers to the consumer. First of all, it is an economic model that is perfect for those who want to spend a little but without renouncing the quality of the services offered.

Available in various colors to better match your kitchen or bar, the ice maker makes the first ice lollies after six minutes, in order to refresh as quickly as possible the drinks for themselves and for guests. Through the transparent cover it is always possible to check its progress. Thanks to the capacious 2.2-liter tank and the possibility of producing up to 12 kg of ice in 24 hours, no one will remain free of ice throughout the day.

The possibility to choose between two different sizes of popsicles allows to better adapt the production to different needs. Very compact and light, the machine takes up little space and is easily transported. It is also very simple to use because just insert the water and press a button.

The numerous strengths that characterize this machine have determined the appreciation of many users. Here are the main pros and cons, with the usual indication on where to buy the product at the best price.

     Pros     Cons
  • Price: Considering the cost of these devices, the EdgeStar Ice Machine is among the most competitive from this point of view.
  • Functional design: The design of this machine has the dual function of becoming a colorful addition in the kitchen, given the available color variations and at the same time it is compact and light. Suitable therefore to be used at home or outside.
  • Capacity: Despite the small size, the machine can reach a production of 12 kilos of ice in 24 hours.
  • Efficiency: The speed of production is not the best. However, if you can wait a few more minutes for the ice, it is definitely worth taking a look at this proposal.

#2. Costway Portable Ice Maker

 Costway Portable Ice Maker

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Here is a professional ice machine that you should consider if you have a bar or another restaurant business because the benefits are different, starting with the competitive price. The not too bulky dimensions are ideal for those who do not have much space available, while the design with silver finish makes it suitable for any type of room or kitchen.

The steel structure has a double advantage: on the one hand, it ensures maximum strength to the machine and on the other, it also makes it very easy and quick to clean.

Among the benefits most appreciated by consumers is the speed of production of ice lollies. As almost always happens for these machines, they are “icicles” and not real cubes because the shape is more like a hollow thimble inside.

The Costway Portable Ice Maker also acts as a freezer because it maintains the right temperature to keep them solid until they are taken with the pallet supplied.

This model of Costway Portable Ice Maker has received most of the positive opinions from users. Here are the advantages and disadvantages it offers.

     Pros     Cons
  • Dimensions: The machine is characterized by quite small dimensions considering the amount of work it is able to withstand. You can place it in a room or in the kitchen, without having to worry about making space.
  • Materials: Made of stainless steel, has a silver finish that gives it a sophisticated touch that fits all styles of furniture.
  • Performance: Quick and easy to carry out, it is just as easy and quick to maintain and you can check the progress of the work through the transparent cover with which it is equipped.
  • Price: This is not the cheapest model in circulation. However considering the numerous benefits it is not surprising.

#1. Homelabs Portable Ice Maker

Homelabs Portable Ice Maker

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The structure of the Homelabs Portable Ice Maker is made of stainless steel and the internal parts are also made of quality materials that, on the one hand, make it a much more solid and resistant product than many others on the market. other, they do not cause unpleasant odors.

Among the other advantages of this model is the possibility of keeping the ice without melting and producing more in the event of unforeseen events. The integrated timer also allows you to program the production so that the icicles are ready when needed.

The possibility to choose between two different sizes makes the machine suitable for different drinks and preparations or to fill the fridge bag.

The production is completely automatic and, through the transparent cover at the top, it is always possible to check its status. The capacity of the container is 2.2 liters and the daily production reaches 12 kg: these are performances that should be more than sufficient for normal domestic needs.

     Pros     Cons
  • Materials: The machine is solid and robust, made of stainless steel and promotes wear resistance. At the same time, it is easy to clean and does not risk causing unpleasant odors over time.
  • Timer: The presence of a timer allows you to program the time and duration of operation. A great help if you’re busy doing anything else or you’re about to get home and want a drink with some fresh ice.
  • Efficiency: The automatic production further facilitates the use, while the possibility to choose different sizes of the cubes makes the product versatile. In a day’s work it is able to produce up to 12 kg of ice.
  • Maintenance: It would seem that the only flaw consists in the low capacity to keep the ice, because the pan supplied is not able to meet this need.

How to choose the best ice machine

If you want to always drink fresh drinks, having a machine that can produce ice cubes in seconds is a convenient and convenient solution.

Depending on the quantity and frequency required you can choose models that have features and that are placed in very different price ranges. In our buying guide we try to clarify what you need to know before buying a product of this type and we also focus on the best ice machines: find the reviews in a ranking that rewards the five most convincing.

  • Performance: Whether you need it for home or professional use, here are some aspects of the ice machine to focus on. First, the daily production capacity. If you have a commercial or catering business and you need to always serve fresh drinks or other customer preparations all day, you will hardly opt for a model that produces, say, only 10 kg of ice in 24 hours. The best brand of ice machines will be the one that allows you to get at least 20 kg, but there are those that reach up to 100 kg products a day. The compartment where the ice is collected, consequently, must be able to contain it effectively in order to then take the icicles comfortably with the scoop. Secondly, a household appliance of this kind should be versatile, that is, at the same time also act as a freezer, allowing you to keep the ice intact until it is removed. The presence of a timer could be useful to program the production at the desired time. Even the speed at which ice is made could have some weight in your decision. If you do not like to wait too long for the guests, you could opt for the machines that produce the first icicles – those with a conical shape and not the classic cubes – after just a few minutes.
  • Dimensions and operation: The size of the icicles produced is closely linked to the speed of the machine because the larger they are, the longer it will take them to form. The simplest models allow you to produce pops of two sizes, the other more sophisticated – and with a higher price – come to three different sizes. The advantage is that of being able to serve in a more professional manner all the various preparations. The dimensions to be taken into account are not only those of the icicles but also those of the machine itself. The most complex models are voluminous and occupy a rather considerable size. Do you have enough space to fix an appliance like this? Or would it not be more practical to have a model that, though essential, is compact, light and easy to carry anywhere, at home, in the office, at the campsite?

As far as operation is concerned, we recommend taking two factors into account: firstly, some machines must be connected with two pipes to a system that supplies water, while others do not need it and are, therefore, much easier to use. Secondly, better to opt for those models with the transparent top cover: the advantage is that you can control the production at any time without opening the machine.

  • Design and materials: Those who compare prices and performances could also be interested in the design of an ice machine, preferring those models that best adapt aesthetically to their kitchen or bar. It is even more important to evaluate the quality of construction materials. Try to understand from the product description and consumer reviews if the machine is solid and robust. The advantage is that it will resist the wear of time better, especially for those who use it continuously. Furthermore, the best materials do not produce unpleasant odors that can be transmitted to the icicles produced. A structure made of steel is also easier and faster to clean.
  • Easy to disassemble: Like all appliances that interact with food and products that are ingested, even the ice machine needs a minimum of maintenance and cleaning at the end of use. Choose a model that is rather simple to disassemble so you can rinse the pan under running water or even put it in the dishwasher.

As for the noise during the operation, this is a price to pay because it is inherent in the type of product. Of course there are some models that are quieter than others but, in general, both the cooling phase and the ejection phase of the cubes tend to be rather noisy.

If you compare prices , you will notice that the size, speed and quantity of cubes produced affect the point that the cost can vary from a few tens of euros up to a thousand. Carefully weigh the desired production level so you will be sure not to buy a model that is over or undersized.

How to use an ice machine

If you are tired of the usual forms of ice to put in the freezer, and that require a long wait before having the cubes ready to use, perhaps you could consider buying a practical and fast ice machine.

  • Who needs an ice machine? These devices are mainly aimed at users who work in the catering sector and need to have always available ice for the most diverse uses, from simple cocktails to more complex preparations.

In order to consciously choose the most suitable product, it is necessary to take into account different aspects such as the dimensions, the power and the quantity of cubes that can be produced in one day.

  • Size and functionality: Most of the ice machines have generous dimensions, so keep an eye on the various technical sheets to make sure you buy an appliance that does not clutter the kitchen.

Generally they can produce ice in about 10 minutes after inserting the water and starting the appliance. The water is brought into a pan which is subjected to the temperature necessary to freeze it and is then minced or expelled in the form of cubes. It is usually not possible to store the produced ice for a long time, which must then be used immediately.

if you need to serve the product ice you should make sure that the machine is equipped with a purification mode. This procedure eliminates all impurities in the water to return a safe ice to use.

  • Instruction manual at your fingertips: To use it in the best way it is always a good idea to consult the instruction manual which, in a very long but efficient way, will guide you in detail in all the steps. Usually, however, you have to connect the machine to the electric current, after doing this you can open the compartment to receive the water to be frozen.

Once the desired amount of water has been inserted, close the compartment and activate the machine. The electromagnetic solenoid inside the device will open the valve to transfer the water into the refrigeration duct. Once the suitable temperature is reached, the water will freeze and will be pushed towards the blades which will reduce the block into ready-to-use cubes.

  • Size of the cubes: Some machines allow you to choose the size of the cubes, they can be small, medium or large, according to your needs.

The purity of the water substantially affects the freezing speed of the same, so if you want results in a few minutes you should get water free of many impurities.

When the procedure is complete, the LED indicating the operation of the machine will switch off and the cubes will be ejected into the appropriate container, ready for use.

The basic use of the machine, as you can see, is not complex and can be activated even by those who have never used one. However, depending on the model chosen, there may be additional ways to reduce ice not only in cubes but also in flakes that can be used.

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